• Victorian Government

    TAFE Gippsland

    Working at Fuel Agency with CD Ben Growns and AD Simon Yeo, we hit upon a visually striking way of illustrating Gippsland TAFE's message - there are plenty of potential careers in you, and TAFE is a good way to discover which one fits best.
  • Lockin: Made for life

    Made for life marketing campaign

    Lockin manufacture and install premium end of trip facilities for some of the country's biggest corporate offices. We helped Lockin's marketing team with ideation and copy as they launched a new brand marketing campaign with a very schmick gift package.
  • Victorian Government

    Free TAFE Campaign

    Lots of jobs. Lots of free TAFE courses to help you get them. What's not to be happy about? Working with Fuel Agency we devised a TVC that would capture the fist-pumping, spontaneous dancing joy of landing that gig.
  • Victorian Health & Human Services

    Bendigo Hospital Video

    The Victorian Government's Health & Human Services Building Authority wanted to spread the good word about their newly completed, state-of-the-art hospital in Bendigo. We worked up a video that highlighted the impressive technologies and sustainability practices that make it an Australian first.  
  • Federation University Business School

    FBS Brand Narrative

    Federation University’s Business School has a rich legacy of developing business and community leaders throughout the APAC region. We worked with Tank to create a new brand narrative that brought it to life for the next generation of movers & shakers. Print/digital
  • Nick Cave Review

    Review For Skeleton Tree/Nick Cave

    A recent review for online music site addictedtonoise.com.au web  
  • Chisholm TAFE

    This Is Chisholm

    Chisholm wanted to leverage a national TAFE marketing push, while at the same time highlighting their unique offering. We created a punchy, bold multi-platform idea that ticked both boxes. OOH/print/online/radio
  • Great Northern Brewing Company

    Pop Up Gig

    GNBC wanted a full bodied consumer experience that gave punters a taste of their lager inspired by the great outdoors. We created a pop up gig in FNQ for invited guests featuring the singer who created the soundtrack for their TVC, the talented Mr Israel Cannan. Fireside performances, waterfalls, beers all round - what's not to love?
  • MCM Media

    Tell Me A Story

    'sing me a song, tell me a story' Music marketers MCM Media wanted to convey the power of music as a vehicle for brand stories. This one has a happy ending...
  • Pet Rescue

    Who Says You Can't Choose Your Family?

    Some family you're born with. But some find their way into your heart via a different route. Pet adoption NFP Pet Rescue wanted to boost enquiries and find some loving homes for their many shaggy pals. radio campaign
  • Citibank

    Suddenly the World Opens Up

    Citibank's flash new premium Emirates MasterCard needed a flash new campaign. Our solution was multi-channel and incorporated innovative technologies that turned a print ad into a video experience. outdoor/digital/print/experiential
  • Beyond Blue

    Conversation with a Health Professional

    Beyond Blue wanted an online video piece that would educate people with mental health issues on how to get the most out of that tricky conversation with a healthcare professional. *note: if new video does not play, please refresh the page. WordPress can be buggy sometimes. digital
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade

    Don't you forget about me

    The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has a simple but troubling issue. A large percentage of house fires are caused by forgetfulness around leaving heating, electrical appliances or stove-top pots and pans on. Our approach to the brief was also brutally simple. We negotiated the rights to re-record the classic '80s anthem 'Don't You Forget About Me', and built a powerful consumer awareness campaign around that stark message. Our favourite idea? A human-sized iron busking the song as morning commuters rushed to the office. digital/outdoor/experiential
  • Jetstar

    Memory Maker

    Jetstar were celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and wanted to leverage the warmth, excitement and emotion that great travel memories create. Our response put tools in the hands of their passengers to capture and curate video, audio and print records of their travel adventures. digital/app/experiential
  • The Elevator Pitch

    You've Got 4 Floors

    In our office building we worked out it took roughly 30 seconds to travel between ground and fourth floor. Concurrently we were challenged to create a video pre-roll that wouldn't get skipped by short-attention-spanned users. Enter The Elevator Pitch... *note: if new video does not load, please refresh the page. WordPress can be buggy sometimes
  • Red Cross Blood Service

    You're a Giver, Be a Liker

    The Red Cross Blood Service has a number of passionate, involved supporters and wanted to build their online community of advocates and ambassadors to drive greater donor sign-up. Our digital campaign acknowledged their altruism, then painted a picture of how they could go further in supporting the vital work of the Blood Service. In just one week, reach increased 326% to over 426,000 – and fans grew from 27,000 to 63,000. digital/print
    In one week, reach increased 326% to 426,437 and fans grew from 27,000 to 63,000 (And we didn’t give anything away!). - See more at: http://igloo.com.au/project/be-a-liker/#sthash.X4Q7Ee84.dpuf
    In one week, reach increased 326% to 426,437 and fans grew from 27,000 to 63,000 (And we didn’t give anything away!). - See more at: http://igloo.com.au/project/be-a-liker/#sthash.X4Q7Ee84.dpuf
  • Beyond Blue

    Insurance Discrimination

    People with mental health issues often get a raw deal from insurers. For Beyond Blue we created an animated web video that delivered a complicated message in simple, engaging terms. digital/animation
  • Dare Iced Coffee

    A Dare Fix'll Fix It

    Dare Iced Coffee prides itself on giving you the coffee hit that will launch fresh thinking and a different approach. We partnered with comedian Ryan Shelton to create an entire ad-break-long TVC  that poked gentle fun at reno-themed reality TV, and affirmed Dare's outsider brand of thinking. *note: if new video does not load, please refresh the page. WordPress can be buggy sometimes.