I Love You

They’re the three most powerful words in the English language. Running a close second for any marketer would be You Get Me – and the simplest way we arrive at that golden place is to tell a good story. Stories are what pull people in. You can tell them in countless different ways, across multiple platforms, in diverse voices. But the moment someone thinks ‘you get me’, you’re in a very fruitful space.

Andrew Tanner spent 6 years on the road as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, learning how to craft musical stories that would hold a room full of drunken punters.

His professional life post-rock’n’roll has focussed on working across multi-platform teams as a creative lead, content creator and ‘idea guardian’. For over 20 years he’s fed his passion for creating content (often non-traditional) that solves problems, tells a great brand story and engages an audience.

Andrew has crafted radio campaigns for national clients, produced TVC’s and pre-rolls and led creative pitches. He’s collaborated with agencies and clients across automotive, telco, banking, retail and NPO categories and enjoyed mentoring many young creatives along the way.

Throughout the journey he’s never found a better rationale for what good creatives do than this phrase: brutal simplicity.

Everything else is mere theatre.